Mobile Merchants Accept Credit Cards with Wireless Card Readers

As a mobile merchant, you can accept credit cards for immediate payment from anywhere with a wireless card reader from

Mobile Merchants with Wireless Card Readers Get Paid Now

For mobile merchants who accept credit cards with wireless card readers, keeping up with receivables is easy. Mobile merchants would be the plumbers, electricians, painters, appliance repair, dog walkers, house cleaners and dozens of other mobile service providers. If you are among those that our society can’t live without then you may also be self-employed and manage your own accounting.

Your office is likely your car or truck and the only office equipment is your smart phone. All you need to add is a card reader to your phone to complete your mobile office.  You can put that 30-day waiting period for payment in the same box as your disco 8- Track’s.

There is no more taking paper service orders back to the office and preparing an invoice for sending either by postal service or e-mail. That method kept you at the mercy of the customer because he can pay you whenever he wants or not at all. Some jobs aren’t worth the legal and filing fees but those that are still cost you money. If you need that money this week for your own household expenses or to buy materials you must borrow or get a line of credit.

Granted, most customers have the honesty and integrity to pay their bills on time. Mobile merchants with wireless card reads don’t have to worry about it quite so much. Let the customer know you expect payment on completion of the work and accept their credit card with a smile.

Customers Appreciate Mobile Merchants with Wireless Card Readers.

Wireless card readers are a convenience many customers prefer. When you take their credit card payment, they are done. They don’t have to wait for the invoice to come in the mail or write a check and mail it back to you. Their credit card provider will record their payment so they have proof of payment.

Your name and phone number will likely show up on the customer’s credit card bill so they can find you even if they lose your business card.

For the customer, payment by credit card on site means their accounting for deductible expenses is irrefutable. If the IRS questions an expenditure for an electrical upgrade to his rental house, he can prove the expense was billed and paid.

About the Cost for Mobile Merchants to Accept Credit Cards with Wireless Card Readers

According to research, Mobile merchants that accept credit cards with wireless card readers will earn more every month than associated with merchant fees.

You will attract more customers because you accept credit cards. Small businesses like to deal in cash only transactions and the IRS likes to red flag those businesses. They may scrutinize your tax returns more. You will need to account for income and expenses. Paying a tax attorney is a lot more expensive than a merchant account.

When you accept credit cards through a merchant account, your income is charted by date, customer and amount received. It’s available to print out and attach to correspondence. Your merchant account is cheaper than a receivables clerk.

Credit card processing means you get paid without the costs of bounced checks.

Costs vary from business to business and from one merchant service to another. is one of the least expensive merchant services and will not skimp on service. As a new client, you’ll get the best value for money.

Transaction fees as low as .20 cents;

  • Discount rate as low as 0.25%;
  • No application fee;
  • No software fees;
  • No setup fees;

Give your customer the option of credit card payments today. To refuse them makes your business look unprofessional.


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