Mobile Credit Card Processing Keeps Your Courier Service on the Go

Courier services are the bridge between other businesses and consumers. They ensure smooth, prompt, safe and efficient delivery of packages between locations for a fee.

Starting a courier company can be a lucrative, scalable enterprise. Most people and companies are willing to pay top dollar if they can be assured of the right kind of service. It doesn’t require huge initial investment and if you start off small, with limited staff, reliable vehicles, cellphones with GPS, stationery, clipboards and a couple of computers along with the right software, you’re good to go.

Revenues depend on your location, because courier costs can vary between the East and West coasts, and the South and Mid-West. The best thing about this business is that it’s almost completely recession-proof, great for retirees, students and part-timers and a good way to provide employment without worrying about making large investments.

Small, local enterprises have a huge advantage over the large national and international giants. You can find a profitable niche like a city-only service, same day service, medical or legal document delivery service, just-in-time parts delivery, flowers/gifts only, cake delivery, and midnight delivery, and then scale up or out as you like.


Courier service companies face some challenges and risks. They may face typical problems like:

  • accidents or breakdowns to the delivery vehicle
  • theft of vehicles, especially smaller ones that are left unattended when the courier goes in to deliver the package
  • theft of goods. Planned and opportunistic robberies are a big risk
  • damage to goods
  • loss of goods or incorrect routing
  • third party injury

Courier services require robust insurance coverage to protect them against these risks.

Accepting Card Payments

If you work with business clients, you could have regular and larger volumes of business. With residential clients or individuals, then while business opportunities are significant, the traffic may be irregular and seasonal. Today, most e-commerce sites depend on courier companies for smooth business operations.

As a courier company business owner, accepting card payments from your customers

  • makes it easier, faster, safer and more convenient for them
  • gives your business instant credibility and trustworthiness from association with a trusted card company’s brand
  • keeps your business competitive and relevant in the digital age, when a majority of transactions are cashless.
  • When you have a regular account with another business, accepting card payments is more efficient, because you get immediate credit in your own bank account
  • keeps your cash flow smooth while helping you to plan and strategize for the business
  • helps with tracking, reconciling and reporting
  • provides safety and convenience by avoiding the storage of large amounts of cash on your premises
  • prevents risk of embezzlement/theft by staff
  • prevents risk of bad checks

Partnering with can boost your revenues and help grow your business. understands the needs of small business owners and can provide solutions tailored to your preferences, requirements and budget. For more information on how mobile credit card processing can keep your couriers service firm on the go, or to sign up for a merchant account, please call (888) 924-2743 or go to

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