Mobile Card Processing

As a customer, there’s beauty in using credit cards to shop. You don’t have to worry about change, exchange rates during international travel, or carrying physical cash. But there may still be times when you were driving through some remote part of the country. Maybe it was a really small town, and they didn’t have the right card reader. Maybe they do have a card reader, but it was out of service for some reason. After all, this is one of those places where everyone knows each other.

In such cases, a customer can be really frustrated, because they have no way to pay. If those business owners had smartphones or tablets, it wouldn’t be an issue. All they’d need is a reliable internet connection and a mobile card payment app.

A new type of traveling salesman

Now turn it around and look at the situation from your perspective as a business owner. There are lots of situations where you want to make a sale on the move. Usually, when you’re at a networking event or randomly driving around, you encounter opportunities to pitch. You’ll tell your new acquaintance what you do for a living, and probably exchange business cards. Even if you do routinely carry product samples in your car, lugging a portable card reader can seem pushy. You know what you do carry? Your smartphone.

You can use your phone to share digital business cards, and you can also use it to process the credit card of a potential customer. This way, you can continue to make sales wherever you are, whether you’re picking your kids from school, visiting relatives, or taking a summer vacation. You can also enable your sales team and delivery personnel to process cash-on-delivery. Instead of travelling with electronic keypads that they have to remember and declare, they can accept payments right on their mobile phones.

Selling in the mobile age

These mobile apps don’t necessarily require any special gadgetry. They’re compatible with Android and iOs. You could even find apps for Windows or Symbian. Talk to your payment processor to see if they have these apps available, and what the cost implication is. Many merchant accounts offer mobile card payment apps as a free plug-in.

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