Michigan Businesses can use Credit Card Processing

From fishing resorts to the upscale shops of cities, Michigan businesses can use credit card processing. An average of 5.6 million people visit Michigan from out-of-state each year and spend over two billion dollars throughout the state. Much, if not most, of that $2 billion is paid using credit cards. If your Michigan business does not accept credit cards, you likely missed out on your share of that $2 billion. Tourist are drawn to the pristine North Woods, 11,000 inland lakes and the shores of the Great Lakes–or four of them, anyway. To accommodate the many hunters, fishermen, hikers, boaters, campers and snowmobilers, small businesses, some seasonal, sell the necessities for life spent outside. The many marinas, small grocery stores, camp stores and independently owned eateries may have managed well enough in the past dealing in cash but if you’re one of them a switch to processing credit cards will make your shop more customer friendly and has been statistically shown to increase sales.

The Technology is Accessible for Michigan Businesses to use Credit Card Processing

You can choose an internet based system so that you can process credit cards online, by phone or by mail order in addition to face-to-face. Choose a merchant service with proven security to protect your customers and your personal information. Look for a merchant service provider that believes in service by providing free software, no application fees and free training. You can feel confident with a company that maintains a free tech help line day and night, 365 days a year. If you do have any questions or issues at all, you’ll want the help you need to sort it out immediately. A merchant service provider like that can help increase your business. Did you know that, statistically speaking, shoppers who use a credit card are more likely to make a purchase and are also more likely to spend more when they do make a purchase? Make sure they’re spending it with you.

Use Credit Card Processing so Your Michigan Business is Part of the Economic Resurgence

Michigan isn’t all lakes and trees. Visitors to Detroit won’t want to miss the Detroit Institute of Arts and see the Diego Rivera murals. A visit to Motown Records original headquarters draws crowds year after year. Surrounding these Detroit highlights are clubs, restaurants and shops that serve the locals and the tourists. You want to establish yourself by making it easy for customers to buy your products and services. If most of your sales are face-to-face, a simple Electronic Keypad Terminal may serve you well. You or the customer need only swipe or insert the credit card to complete the transaction. A thermal paper receipt is printed for your customer’s convenience. You know on the spot whether the card is good and the money on its way to your business account. There’s an additional benefit available when using this terminal for 70% or more of your business transactions: the right merchant service provider will be able to lower your discount rate

For more information on how Michigan businesses can use credit card processing, or to sign up for a merchant account, please call (888) 924-2743 or go to Charge.com.

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