Merchant Account Services Are a Big Help to Mental Health Practitioners

Just like doctors and nurses, mental health professionals are charged with keeping people healthy, and have serious full-time occupations. They are also business owners, and sometimes the two do not mix. A psychologist, for example, should be spending time with his/her patients – not sitting alone behind a desk, staring at financial spreadsheets and endorsing checks. Some practitioners do not have offices, either. These folks make house calls, instead, or meet their clients in informal settings where they will feel more comfortable. Since they are usually on the go, they often do not have time to stop by the bank to make deposits, and can wind up carrying payments from their clients around with them for a while.

Online credit card processing can be a gigantic boon to psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mental health providers. It would allow them to put payments – card or check – through in a matter of hours instead of days, and can be completed in an office or while out and about. Many practitioners struggle, however, to get approval for the online merchant accounts that businesses need for remote credit card payment processing. Providers of medical services – including those focused on mental health – are often viewed by payment processors as being operators high risk ventures because a lot of patients do not make timely remittances on their medical bills. Processors that do grant merchant accounts to practitioners often charge them high rates, and/or make them share their accounts with others.

So, how is the average mental health practitioner supposed to solve this puzzle? By utilizing the advanced merchant services available at, of course. is one of the nation’s most reliable and trusted credit card payment processing companies – specializing in merchant account solutions for new, small, and high risk businesses. They understand where health providers are coming from, and want to make payment processing easier, faster, and much cheaper for the caregivers to do. High risk merchant accounts are available from, and approval takes almost no time at all. Each business/provider that gets approved receives their own private account, which they can use without having to pay excessive dues or worrying about third-party holds from the processor delaying their deposits. can also rescue providers from drowning in a sea of paperwork by giving them Virtual Terminals that schedule appointments, process payments, email invoices, and keeps detailed records of all its transactions. For providers on the move, mobile processing devices are available that can turn their cellphones and iPads into credit card swipe machines. Many other terrific benefits are available to practitioners, including the following:

  • Free application process
  • No set up fees
  • Free software and technical support available 24/7
  • Check verification and transaction approval
  • FDIC Insured funds
  • Low rates and transaction fees

Keeping people mentally fit is a tough job, and nothing should get in the way of that – especially not payment processing. is here to provide health practitioners with the tools they will need to keep their businesses calm and steady. The affordability, convenience, and security included with the payment processing is enough to give anyone peace of mind.

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