Malibu Businesses can use Credit Card Processing

Beach towns are generally laid-back and easy-going. But when that beach town is in California with easy access to Los Angeles, business can be above average. When many people hear the word Malibu, their first two thoughts are surfing and rum–and their third thought might be related to the Chevy Malibu. That said, Malibu has a thriving information-and-technology sector.

So while the weather is good enough for people to walk around in shorts and bikinis, there’s a more serious side to the city. All said, your typical customer might be on a bike, wearing cargo shorts, or toting a surfboard. This means that their slim wallet will have a credit card, even if the customer is shirtless. After all, cards are easier to replace and take up less room.

Credit card essentials

All this means that if you refuse to accept credit cards, you are probably turning away a lot of potential business. Luckily, a merchant account can be opened in less than a day, and many merchant processors will open it for free. A merchant processor (or payment processor) connects your bank, the customer’s bank, and their credit card networks.

You’re looking for a payment processor that has:

  • Fast and free application procedures
  • High levels of encryption
  • Free credit card programming
  • Free terminals or software

You can also check whether they have any awards within the merchant processing space.

For more information on how Malibu businesses can use credit card processing, or to sign up for a merchant account, please call (888) 924-2743 or go to

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