Make Life Easier for your Customers by Accepting Credit Cards

Have you ever spent an hour shopping and found several items you really like only to leave them at the check-out register? Too late you saw the sign behind the register announcing cash only. If the items are more than, say, $50 or even just $20, many people don’t have enough cash in their wallet to pay. When the cashier takes pity and says you may, with identification, pay by check, you’re left wondering if you could even figure out where you keep your checks at home. For sure, you don’t have any with you. After all, most people don’t carry one of those big fat wallets full of folding money in one compartment, checkbook and register in another and a deck of store cards and credit cards in another. Mom did, but you don’t. She kept it all in a big heavy purse she carried everywhere along with emergency medical supplies, address book and a ring of keys to everything. You, on the other hand, have a key fob, phone, driver’s license and credit card which you keep in a pocket or cross body mini bag. You never imagined that this would be a store that does not take credit cards as payment for their goods or services.

As a store owner, if you don’t identify with this kind of shopper (after all, you probably carry lots of cash on you, since that’s all you accept in your store), then just remember that this does describe a lot of your customers and potential customers.

Customers prefer the ease of paying by credit card

As it happens, there are still merchants that do not accept credit cards as payment. If you are one of those merchants and that aggravated customer we just described was in your store, your sale just walked out the door. Don’t worry though, your principles are still intact. Pop always said you can’t go wrong with cash.

Here are some statistics for your consideration. Seventy-five per-cent of adult Americans use credit cards. There are 469,640,000 credit card accounts. When people buy with their credit card they tend to spend more at your store. Merchants that accept credit cards as payment can see an increase in sales from 50% up to 500% or more. Credit cards as payment are not just for online merchants. If your only sales are face to face, when you accept credit cards, your profits can increase significantly.

Make life easier for your customers by accepting credit cards and watch your life get easier

You make life easier for your customers when you accept credit cards as payment but you also make life easier for yourself. You will be able to tap into a whole segment of the population you couldn’t access before: those who buy everything with a credit card, and those who use credit cards for all purchases over a certain amount. You can’t compete in the marketplace of today if you don’t accept credit cards. If you don’t want the credit card profits, then your competitors will gladly accommodate these customers.

Customers like the convenience of credit cards and the ease of tracking their spending that credit cards make possible. The small processing fees you, the merchant, pay for providing this convenience is typically made up for in your increased profits, many, many times over. If you choose the right merchant service provider, you can start accepting credit cards within one business day with no upfront costs to you. Your merchant service will maintain the security of customers’ sensitive information, safely store your transactions and make tax time far less of a hassle with accurate and documented transaction records. It’s easier for everybody.

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