Looking for the Safest Credit Card Processing Company in America?

In the world of online commerce, security is a key concern. There are two facets to e-commerce safety. The first is on the vendor side. Sellers need to be sure that their buyers are legitimate and that their payments won’t be declined by card companies.

The other side of the equation is the customers themselves. They need reassurance that their personal information is secure and that it won’t be sold to unscrupulous card theft syndicates. Charge.com ensures that all parties involved in e-commerce transactions are secure from any form of cyber-crime.

Military grade online security

Everyone knows that military entities have top notch security. Charge.com uses military grade encryption in its card payment systems, so both you and your customers can be assured that your online transactions are as safe as possible.

Another factor that affirms the safety of buying and selling through Charge.com is that they thoroughly adhere to industry regulations. Charge.com is fully compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) statutes, which cover several areas of e-commerce security.

Safety assurance from top tech firms

their trade secrets safe helps tech companies maintain their edge over the competition. They also need to secure customer data in order to protect their client base.

Some of the best protected companies in America have given Charge.com public endorsements. These companies include Apple, AOL, and Yahoo. If these tech giants trust Charge.com, then your business can trust Charge.com as well.

Great prices that don’t compromise safety

In addition to guaranteeing personal details and card information, Charge.com also has some of the lowest rates anywhere. Card transactions start as low as 15 cents per transaction.

If you can establish and confirm any other merchant processor that has better rates, Charge.com will pay you $200 out of pocket. They call this their low cost guarantee, and it assures you that you really are getting the lowest possible processing rates. To claim the low cost guarantee, you need to have a verified account at the competing merchant.  See the link to their low cost guarantee on their homepage at www.charge.com for all the details of this offer.

Safety and support for vendors with bad credit

You may experience a hard time getting your businesses off the ground because of ill-advised decisions in the past that may have affected your credit worth. Having bad credit is one of the toughest challenges you can face, because it makes it almost impossible to get financing, loans, or tools that facilitate successful operation.

Charge.com can help you get out of the red by offering you card processing. Even if you have been turned down by banks and other merchant processors, Charge.com will accept your business. They also deal with ‘high risk’ vendor categories.

To get secure card processing, sign up today by calling 1-888-924-2743 toll-free or visiting www.charge.com.

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