Let Your Gardening Business Grow with Credit Card Processing

Spring is in the air so let your gardening business grow with credit card processing. We know some garden shops like to take truckloads of blooms and baskets and set up shop in the parking lot of shopping centers. For a few weeks around Mother’s Day and Easter you have open air satellite stores in ten locations within 50 miles of your shop. The customers are in the shopping center anyway so when they see your spectacular display they can’t wait to buy gifts of flower baskets for loved ones and flats for planting in their own yard. It’s smart business because you are reaching thousands of customers that will never actually visit your main shop. You know, statistics indicate that customers spend more when using a credit card. This is your season; make the most of it by accepting credit cards as payment. You can use a credit card processing terminal no matter where you are. If you can run electricity to your outdoor or tent customer counter, that’s great. But if you can’t, a wireless card reader on a smart phone will do just as well.

Grow Your Gardening Business from Your Own Backyard to the far Reaches of the Internet.

When you decide to grow your gardening business by extending your customers the option of paying by credit card, you may choose several methods. Your gardening business may sell garden supplies, seedlings, seeds, tools, fertilizer, plant soil, saplings, readymade potted flower arrangements and more. You sell them in your brick and mortar store year round. In addition to your store you have a website from which customers can order and you send out a catalog every year so customers can order by mail or phone. Your best choice is Internet Processing Software. It can handle automated orders on your website so you can make money while you sleep. You can accommodate walk-in customers at your store for face to face sales. With this credit card system you are able to automatically process credit card sales 24/7. You put your gardening products within reach of the world from your own little corner. Thousands of people find and buy from you safely and securely using their credit card.

Credit Card Processing is the Secret Soil Mixture

Using a payment gateway combined with a virtual terminal for your gardening business that automatically processes internet orders and is also capable of processing face to face, fax, phone, and mail orders is about the fastest way to grow your gardening business. Within days of setting up your software and virtual terminal you are within reach of thousands, even millions, of new customers. You regular customers will still buy from you but now that they can use a credit card they’ll likely buy more and buy more often. This puts an end to bounced checks and negative cash flow. The automatic virtual terminal processes the credit card payment within seconds and the money is normally in your business account within one to three days. The benefits don’t end there. The software keeps track of each transaction with all the customer details and even sends invoices.

For more information on how to let your gardening business grow with credit card processing, or to sign up for a merchant account, please call (888) 924-2743 or go to Charge.com.

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