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Is There Free Credit Card Processing for Retail Accounts?

Operating a retail business can be complicated. A business owner must have products or services that customers want to buy, manage customer outreach, and have options for customers to pay how they want to. A retail merchant account will ensure that a business can accept and process credit cards.

Processing credit cards may not be enough to help a business stand out. Credit card surcharges can make customers turn to another business for convenience. Customers want to pay only for what they are purchasing. Having a surcharge adds another payment that customers don’t like.

Providing free credit card processing for those customers gives businesses a way to not have credit card surcharges. A retail merchant account can process credit card payments without adding additional surcharges for customers. This will help businesses grow as customers will know that they’re only paying for what they’re purchasing.

An Inconvenient Surcharge

Many businesses charge a credit card surcharge because their merchant account provider charges high costs and fees. With the right merchant account provider, businesses can get credit card processing at the lowest price, which can remove the necessity for credit card surcharges for customers.

This convenience for customers does not mean risking customer satisfaction in other ways for a retail merchant account. Free credit card processing is still a secure and fast way to process any credit card payment made in-person or online. Customers can be satisfied in more than one way when shopping at your business.

Business Growth

When customers know that they are paying only for what they’re purchasing with no additional surcharges, it can help a business grow. As the retail merchant account processes credit card payments quickly and securely, and the free credit card processing for customers eliminates surcharges, customers will be more likely to come back.

With the options for payment available with a retail merchant account, growing a business can be easy. A merchant account will process credit card payments through the same secure and quick processing system no matter how the payment was initiated. Add another location or open an online store without worrying about how credit cards will be processed.

Having free credit card processing for customers will eliminate credit card surcharges to customers for any credit card use. Customers will always know that they’re paying for what they’re purchasing without any worry about an additional surcharge whether they make a purchase online or in person.


Credit card surcharges are an annoyance for many customers though businesses may use them because of high fees using merchant services. A retail merchant account can process credit card payments quickly and securely while free credit card processing for customers eliminates those surcharges. A business can grow easily by expanding the different ways that customers can use their credit cards without having to pay a surcharge.

To find out more about free credit card processing or to sign up for a merchant account, you can visit or call (888)92402743. No matter what you sell or how you sell it, can help your business grow and succeed.

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