Is eCheck Safe? Tips for Small Businesses

Ecommerce has completely changed the business landscape. Customers are turning to online payment methods to find convenient ways to pay for products, renew subscriptions, or avoid face-to-face interactions. Accordingly, many customers and businesses are wondering: is echeck safe?

eChecks are one of the main forms of eCommerce available. Now that they come up in conversation more often, businesses can benefit by knowing what they’re all about. The short answer is that echeck services can safely help a small business succeed in many ways.

Is echeck safe?

This is the first question any business that is considering offering echeck services is likely to ask, as well as the first question that any customer who wants to pay with one may wonder. With modern encryption technology, echecks have become a far safer payment method than paper checks.

With paper checks, several people have to handle the check and the possibility of fraud increases exponentially with each interaction. Consider the problem of incomplete checks. If an incomplete check is sent through the mail, a scammer can take advantage of the owner’s account by completing the check. Sending an incomplete eCheck is simply impossible.

Since incomplete information is invalid on a payment processor online, echecks have a reduced instance of fraud and identity theft compared to paper checks.

Additionally, a merchant can’t just pack up and move the the next town after cashing an eCheck, the way they could after cashing a paper check. Businesses must confirm their contact information before accepting eChecks, which means that customers won’t have to worry about contacting the merchant later. Additionally, abusing an eCheck account will cause a merchant to lose their account, but no matter how many times a merchant obtains or alters paper checks fraudulently, there is nothing stopping the merchant from continuing to cash paper checks in the future.

Other benefits of echeck services

Since echecks do not have the same lengthy authorization process as physical check transfers, they’re easier and quicker for businesses to process. Increasing the speed of transactions benefits a business’s customer service and credibility. Customers just don’t have time to fret and wonder “is echeck safe?” because the transfers happen quickly.

The payments can be finalized on the spot and customers don’t have to wait for the checks to change hands. This is especially useful for subscriptions or recurring payments such as utility bills. People no longer have to pay subscriptions in person and can set up recurring payments.

Not only have customers wanted to switch to eCommerce options during the pandemic, but financial experts agree that this trend is now permanent. People have become used to online transactions more than ever before and will never want to switch back.

The Takeaway

Is echeck safe? Echeck services provide eCommerce alternatives to paper checks, which are easier, faster, and much safer to process. Since this trend toward online payments will continue, companies would be wise to provide this service.

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