Internet Merchant Accounts vs Credit Card Swipe Machines

As our modern world increasingly requires that businesses be able to accept credit cards to exist and flourish, two main options have revealed themselves: merchant accounts (especially internet merchant accounts), and credit card swipe machines.

Internet Merchant Accounts

A merchant account is simply an account that allows the processing of credit cards and debit cards. An internet merchant account allows credit and debit cards to be processed safely over the internet. Internet merchant accounts will often still allow for in-person processing of credit cards or debit cards. The main difference is that they have website integration features that allow them to be added on to a merchant’s website(s) while still being in compliance with all appropriate payment industry standards.

Increasingly, merchant accounts, and especially internet merchant accounts, are a vital part of doing business, and businesses that do not have the ability to process payments online may be sacrificing a major revenue stream. This can make the difference between success and failure for almost any business.

What Are The Advantages of an Internet Merchant Account

  • Full capability to process cards in person and online.
  • Secure checkout on websites
  • Real-time approval of transactions

Credit Card Swipe Machines

A credit card swipe machine is a machine that facilitates the processing of credit cards, by linking to a merchant account. Credit card swipe machines and similar readers are a familiar sight, especially in boutiques and small local restaurants and cafes. They can be an effective single solution to credit card processing, but lack the capacity and flexibility of a merchant account, as they cannot be used for online transactions.

Businesses Should Choose a Credit Card Swipe Machine If

  • They do little if any business online.
  • The majority of their transactions are face-to-face
  • They want to take advantage of lower processing fees for face-to-face transactions, at the cost of increasing fees for telephone and mail order transactions.

In Conclusion

Having an internet merchant account is going to be the best fit for most businesses. Even companies that may think they do not need one may wish to consider what benefits they may be missing. Contact Charge.Com, either through their site, or by calling (888) 924-2743.

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