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International Credit Card Merchant Services Expand to Nigeria Payment Solutions, Inc. is proud to offer merchant services all over the world. This expansion includes densely populated countries like Nigeria that may offer you a new market to pursue through your ecommerce website. Ecommerce websites allow people from all over the world to enjoy your products and services, but only if you use a credit card processing company with an international reach.

The trend in credit card merchant services is becoming increasingly globalized. The increasing access to the internet in developing countries. Liberated from corruption and military rule, Nigeria is one of these countries emerging as one of the highest Global Growth Generators in Africa. Expanding business all over the world and participating in these quickly developing economies allows those with international merchant accounts to share.

At, you’ll be receiving the same trusted service we have always given. 24/7 customer service, free and instant applications, and free payment gateways are offered under our month-to-month agreement. We trust that our global pay system services are so effective, we don’t need a long-term contract to keep your business. For more information on an international credit card merchant account, visit our Contact Us tab.

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