Increase your Coffee Shop Sales by Accepting Credit Card Payments

You can increase your coffee shop sales by accepting credit card payments. You can expect a particularly significant increase during the morning rush. The cashier is ringing up sales on a cash register and making change for each person in line. That takes significantly longer than swiping a card. Throw into the mix the guy that holds up the line while he counts out exact change and that woman who has to dig out her wallet and find her cash. If a would-be customer prefers the efficiency of credit cards, they aren’t going to your coffee shop to stand in line. I don’t have the time or patience for that.

There is a coffee shop on every corner, so it’s easy enough for coffee drinkers to frequent the one that keeps the line moving and enhances their own convenience by accepting credit cards. Statistics suggest that about 80% of your potential customers will prefer to frequent a coffee shop that accepts credit cards, instead of one that only takes cash. If they don’t have the cash in their pocket, then they simply have to go elsewhere for their morning caffeine. Even if your coffee is better than theirs, you are unintentionally turning away dozens of customers and sending them to your competitors wh accept credit cards.

Credit card payments increase sales

Accepting credit card payments increase your coffee shop sales because customers tend to spend more when using a credit card. Perhaps you have a selection of pastries or breakfast sandwiches fresh for the morning rush. The customer with the credit card who came in to grab a quick cup of coffee is more likely to add on those extra items or to get a more expensive specialty drink. That alone can increase your sales by significantly.

Many of your coffee shop customers are not counting the cost of their morning ritual. This is what they do for themselves each day and they feel entitled to this small indulgence; and rightly so. As the coffee shop owner, you do yourself and your customer a service by making the experience as efficient and convenient as possible. If people want to spend money in your establishment, make it as easy for them as possible by accepting credit cards. You still happily accept cash but your customers appreciate the option.

Be competitive

If you are not increasing your coffee shop sales by accepting credit card payments, then you are not competitive. When you are not competitive, you may be on your way out of business. Your competition is accepting credit cards so they are attracting customers from the vast majority of the population that prefers that form of payment.

For some, the use of a credit card is still just for high ticket purchases they can pay for over time. Increasingly, a credit card is a convenient payment system for everyday purchases large and small. Making the transition to accepting credit cards as payments is easy. You will be proficient within hours. There are no application fees and there is no cost for the equipment and software. Free, 24 hour technical assistance is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Start growing your coffee shop business this week by accepting credit card payments.

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