How your Business will Benefit from Merchant Services

Many small businesses choose to not use credit cards. In fact, 55% of the 27 million small businesses in the US do not accept cards. That’s a staggering number, especially when you consider that scientific studies show that accepting credit cards can boost sales by up to 500% or more!

However, this is understandable. Small business owners do not want to invest to upfront set-up fees that can go up to $1,200 with some merchant account services. On top of that, there is a transactional fee for every sale made with a credit card, and many business owners short-sightedly balk at paying this small fee.

Are all merchant services this expensive?

The good thing about the merchant service industry is that it is highly competitive, and as such, many merchant services look for new ways to stand out and draw in business owners. For example, has a very appealing offer.

For one, it has no set up fees. That’s right, you can start accepting credit cards for no upfront cost. This offer includes a free shopping cart for your website, programming, a terminal or web-based software, and other features. Most merchant services can charge a $250 non-refundable application fee. On top of that, the discount rate at is as low as .25%, while other merchant services can have a fee of up to 2.9%. benefits

Besides the obvious financial benefits, also offers the following:

  • Instant approval of most applications
  • Acceptance of high risk businesses or businesses with a poor credit rating
  • Free training for your staff
  • 24/7/365 customer service
  • No cancellation fees for most customers within the US
  • No minimum contract terms for most customers within the US

So, as you can see, you have an almost zero financial risk if you choose to go with–and an almost unlimited upside potential. It is also a great service for businesses that are currently going through a rough patch. Accepting credit cards might just give you the boost in sales to make it through a tough period and come out stronger than ever at the end.

Start accepting credit cards

If you run a business, it is imperative that you start accepting credit cards. If you don’t, you are simply missing out on a lot of business. It is understandable however, if you’ve been putting this off because of the high set up fees, or because you’re looking for a merchant account that has really good transaction fees.

This is where comes in. understands that it does not need to expect large transaction fees in order to turn a profit. Given the high demand for stores that accept credit cards, a merchant account service can turn a profit simply by being there for as many businesses as possible. This is the strategy that chose to employ.

If you would like to start up now, or find out more about the services offered by, visit or call them on 1-888-924-2743.

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