How to Make Payments Easier for Your Customers

When people first started exchanging goods and services, they used barter trade, which was a challenge. After all, how do you decide how many bags of salt or heads of cattle are equivalent to an hour’s use of your swimming pool?  Once precious stones and metals became forms of exchange, it was easier to gauge, so the only problem was not having enough money to pay for what you needed. The problem persists today – sometimes you’re just too broke to buy–although credit cards can be helpful in that regard.

Give them options

Fortunately, most customers are reasonable enough not to come to your store unless they have a viable means of payment. That said, everyone has a preference, so it helps to work with them rather than forcing them to do things the way you want rather than the way they want. Ideally you should let your customers pay by cash, credit card, or eCheck. Make sure your business has the infrastructure to swiftly and seamlessly process all these choices. Many modern merchant processors have systems that allow you to integrate all these payment paths into a single portal.

Offer instant access

The reason cash became such a popular mode of payment was its ease. There is no fuss involved. You counted out your notes and coins, received your change if you needed it, took your goods or enjoyed your services, and went on your way. These days, more and more people have switched to primarily using credit cards. They offer at least the same level of convenience – just swipe your card and go. Whichever payment choice your customer goes for, make sure the process is effortless and stress-free.

Make it safe

In case of online transactions and portable card readers, find a merchant processor that offers your customers instant verification for their purchases. It sets their minds at ease and avoids any lags or delays. You should also make sure your payment process is fully encrypted. Some payment processors use military-grade encryption levels, so consider signing up with one of them. Check that they are compliant with PCI standards as well. If your customers are buying from your online store, go the extra mile and secure SSL certification for your domain. Some merchant processors include this as part of your account.


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