How to Keep Online Merchant Accounts Secure

Online merchant accounts are essential for retailers in 2020 and beyond. They provide payment security for websites, as well as the software and services needed to process credit and debit cards on retail sites. An online merchant account is an essential addition to any online retailer that does not already have one.

No matter how heavy or light the traffic on a retailer’s site, it is an essential practice to keep online merchant accounts secure. To this end, it can be helpful to know just a few basics about how the software is set up, the services that should be included, and compliance with PCI requirements.

Read on for a brief guide on how to keep a new merchant account secure.

Change the defaults

One of the most basic things a retailer can do with a new online merchant account to make it more secure is to change the default passwords and restrict network access. Default passwords established by the merchant account provider are comparatively easier to hack, making it critical that new, secure passwords are generated and saved by retailers before processing transactions on the system.

Network access is also an easy thing to restrict for added security. Simply by making sure that only trusted administrators have access to the server, a retailer’s site can drastically increase the level of security of their account.

The importance of PCI compliance

Payment card industry (PCI) security standards are a set of guidelines that dictate how online retailers should set up security on their payment systems. Compliance with PCI requirements keeps customers safer from when they give retailers their sensitive payment information. Making sure these systems are secure is key to preventing identity theft and hacking.

This means checking firewalls, installing updates, and finding online merchant account providers who maintain compliance on their end. A little research can help retailers make sure that transactions on their network are secure and keep cardholders’ data safe through encryption and by not storing the data on the system for longer than necessary.

The Takeaway

Online merchant accounts are essential for retailers that want to process credit card and debit card information on their sites. Having them isn’t enough, however: businesses need to make sure the accounts and the payment services are secure.

There are easy ways to do this such as updating passwords and firewalls and restricting network access. The best thing they can do is to find online merchant account services that implements and manages safety features that keep cardholders’ data safe and online transactions secure.

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