How to Get high-risk eCheck Processing

Businesses can accept payments in different ways, from credit cards to eChecks, to ACH processing, and more. Internet merchant services allow your business to accept payments the way that your customers want to make them. Some businesses rely on eCheck payments to run successfully.

A high-risk eCheck account can be a necessity for many businesses. As a high-risk business owner, you may be accepting checks only in person or by mail, and having an eCheck account will make it possible to process these payments over the telephone or online.

The right merchant account provider will work with your business to get the high-risk eCheck account that you need. High-risk businesses can struggle to get the processing that they need, but the right provider is ready to work with businesses in any industry to help them process payments.

High-Risk Businesses

Many businesses can be considered high-risk for merchant services. High-risk eCheck accounts can process eCheck payments made online or over the phone for different kinds of businesses, no matter how risky your industry may seem to a credit card merchant account underwriting team.

High-risk businesses can include many legal businesses, from collections agencies to prepaid phone cards to technical support providers. Other kinds of high-risk businesses include travel services and financial services of all kinds. With an eCheck account, these businesses can accept eCheck payments to continue to help customers and grow.

When trying to accept credit cards, some high-risk businesses may have been denied outright during the application process. But the underwriting requirements for an eCheck account are much, much less strict. This means that, with the right provider, businesses of any type and of any background can accept eChecks.


Having internet merchant services can give your business reliable processing abilities, no matter how the payment is made. Credit card or eCheck payments will be processed quickly and securely for efficient processing that can help any business be successful. 

A high-risk eCheck account can process payments quickly. Having fast processing will help your business help customers faster, and that can increase customer satisfaction.

This speed does not come at the expense of security. Very sensitive information is transferred with eCheck payments. Customers can trust that their financial information will stay safe with every eCheck payment that they make to your business.


Many successful businesses rely on eCheck payments for 100% of their sales. The right merchant account provider can help businesses, including high-risk businesses, accept eCheck payments. Having a high-risk eCheck account will enable your business to process payments quickly and securely to help customers and businesses. While some businesses may have had trouble in the past being approved to accept credit cards, the requirements for accepting eChecks is much less strict. To sign up for a high-risk eCheck account or to sign up for a merchant account, you can visit or call (888)924-2743. No matter what you sell or how you sell it, can help your business grow and succeed.

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