How To Get a Credit Card Swiping Machine

A big part of being able to accept credit card payments for in-person sales is having a credit card swiping machine. A swiping machine is a simple terminal, often also containing a chip reader, that securely enables payments via credit or debit card. Typically, processing credit cards with a credit card swiping machine will charge lower transaction processing fees than manual entry.

So, if a business already has the ability to process credit cards through a merchant account and is using keyed entry, or is unable to process credit cards entirely, a credit card swiping machine can be a major upgrade.

Here are the three main options for how to get a credit card swiping machine.

1. Purchase or Rent A Card Swipe Machine

If you already have a merchant account that accepts transactions from credit or debit cards, one simple solution is to simply purchase or rent a credit card swipe machine. Having the ability to easily process cards in this way is secure, and typically comes with a substantial increase in business, so purchasing or renting a card swipe machine is an investment that will more than pay for itself.


  • It offers the ability to process credit cards easily and quickly
  • Owning a card swipe machine outright can simplify the process of changing merchant accounts.


  • It can be expensive
  • It requires linking to a merchant account
  • If the machine is damaged or destroyed, repair or replacement is costly.

2. Find a Merchant Account Provider Provides a Swipe Machine at No Extra Cost.

In addition to allowing you to process payments online (another essential service in today’s world), some merchant account providers can provide a credit card swipe machine, offering a simple solution to both merchant account needs, and answering the question of how to get a credit card swipe machine.


  • Integrated solution for credit card processing
  • Card swipe machine included


  • None

In Conclusion

The simplest way to set up credit card processing and acquire a card swipe machine is to use an internet merchant account provider, like Visit their website, or call them at (888)924-2743

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