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How to Eliminate E-Commerce Credit Card Processing Fees

E-commerce has quickly become an extremely popular way to shop. People have been shopping online for years, and e-commerce is on the rise for many different industries. Customers expect to be able to buy different items and services through e-commerce. With this rise also comes the potential for e-commerce credit card processing fees.

Having a merchant account gives businesses the ability to charge credit cards online. E-commerce credit card processing fees can add more to purchases made online that customers may not expect. This can turn customers off to a business and cost other business opportunities.

Using an internet merchant account is necessary to process credit card payments online. It is also crucial that businesses have secure and quick processing while also not charging customers extra for using their credit cards.

Customer Convenience

Not charging customers e-commerce credit card processing fees makes businesses a better option over the businesses that do charge an extra processing fee, no matter how small the fee might seem. Customers want to pay for what they buy, not for processing fees. When competition is high, businesses must consider every option to make shopping easier for customers. 

Many business owners may feel that they have to pass along processing fees to cover the cost of having an internet merchant account. This does not have to be the case. Internet merchant accounts are available with Price Assurance to ensure low processing fees for the business so that they do not have to pass along to their customers.

When customers do not have to pay extra for e-commerce credit card processing, they can be more likely to come back, because they know they will not be getting any surcharge for their purchases. They can enjoy not only the convenience of online shopping but also being able to pay only for what they purchase.

Processing Capabilities

When businesses do not charge e-commerce credit card processing fees, that does not have to mean eliminating high-quality processing. Even without charging customers processing fees, an internet merchant account can process quickly and securely. High-quality does not need to come with a high price. 

Customers rely on businesses to process their credit card payments quickly while still keeping information secure. With the right merchant account provider, this high-quality processing does not have to come with high fees that businesses must pass on to customers in the form of surcharges. Convenient online shopping for customers also means having fast and safe processing.


E-commerce credit card processing fees may cause customers to look elsewhere. As more industries have e-commerce shopping options, making online shopping easier for customers is important. This can be done by eliminating processing fees for customers who use their credit cards. An internet merchant account can provide high-quality processing without expensive fees.

To find out more about e-commerce credit card processing fees or to sign up for an internet merchant account, you can visit or call (888)924-2743. No matter what you sell or how you sell it, can help your business grow and succeed.

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