How to continue accepting payments during COVID

Commerce cannot stay the same in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. Ecommerce credit card processing is now the lifeline businesses need in order to continue conducting transactions with customers during the lockdown. Businesses without stable relationships with merchant accounts online or all the options on their website that make such transactions available and easy to use are falling behind.

It’s even worse than that, in fact: financial experts are now claiming that even after the lockdown has lifted, many new standards are going to be in place for what people expect of ecommerce transactions. In other words, ecommerce credit card processing is becoming more normalized and it will stay that way too, at least to a degree.

You may be wondering how you as a business owner can adapt to the changing online marketplace. Read on to consider a few options.

Go curbside

By converting your sales model to include merchant accounts online, you can start offering your customers new options to retrieve their goods from your store. One of the most prevalent being used by both food and product retailers is curbside pickup.

Ecommerce credit card processing methods allow you to reach out to customers who can no longer visit your store. Your website can be refined with these methods to accommodate them.

Payments that you accept for roadside pickup, carryout, or delivery options should be easy to access. You need a viable merchant account online that entices customers to use these services over those offered by other sites.

Since you can no longer accept payments in person, your business model can adapt to include ecommerce credit card processing in order to stay relevant both during and after the pandemic.

Text to pay

One popular ecommerce credit card processing method right now is called “text to pay.” It’s a web solution that allows businesses to request payments for goods and services over the user’s phone. They receive a text message with a link to the business’s merchant account online so they can instantly pay for whatever they’re buying.

As an alternative, merchant accounts online can also use Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or even email to send customers payment URLs so they can process the transaction.

It’s up to the business’s website preferences and the needs of the customers which method is used.

The Takeaway

Merchant accounts online are now a booming business in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ecommerce credit card processing methods are now a necessity that almost any business can take advantage of.

This includes incorporating curbside pickup into your business model, offering text to pay services, or anything else you can think of to take advantage of merchant accounts online and to give your customers options to use ecommerce credit card processing to get the goods and services they need.

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