How To Choose The Perfect Payment Processing Company

It’s easy and cost-effective to open and online store. Whether you already have a physical premises that you’d like to supplement, or if it’s more about selling items from your bedroom, virtual sales are a good option. The requirements are the same. You’ll start with a website built from scratch, or an account on a shop-driven site like Shopify, Etsy, or even the shop function on Facebook. Next you need ecommerce integration, and a payment gateway.

  1. Make a list

This might all seem daunting, but it’s simpler than you might think. Just start the same way you would start an ordinary store. What do you need? A cart or shopping basket to put stuff in. Someone to receive payments and somewhere to put that money. Some kind of receipting system for accountability and tax purposes. A way to move your daily income to the bank. Payment processors provide all these services, but some only deal in certain credit cards, while others offer the ability to accept a wide variety of credit cards, as well as e-checks, and bank transfers, so choose which payment options you want to accept add that to your list of requirements.

  1. Do an online search

You could search for American payment processors or global ones, depending on your needs. Generally, United-States-based payment processors offer the best rates, so you should try to work with a US merchant account provider if you can qualify.

  1. Review eligibility

Once you have a checklist, visit their websites and carefully review their terms and requirements. Some merchant processors have geographical limits, while others ask for a specific transaction volume or a minimum credit score. You might be ineligible because of your chosen industry or your credit history so read all the requirements carefully to avoid wasting your time.

  1. Check their testimonials

The best way to find out about a service provider is to ask their customers. Check to see if the provider offers any testimonials on its website, and, if not, then consider sending them a request to see if they’ve received any.

  1. Compare prices

Some merchant processors charge application fees while others offer a long list of free services, from software to card readers and other free extras. Focus on your budget then shop around to see the best deal you can find within your financial limits.

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