How to Choose an eCommerce Platform

As a small business in 2020, you need to use credit card processing for e-commerce. Versatile e-commerce credit card processing will make your business look more professional and expedite your customers’ transactions.

To obtain this efficiently, you need to know how to choose the right e-commerce credit card processing platform for your business. Here are a few tips on how to choose a platform for your business.

Why do you need e-commerce?

On-premise technology like card swipe machines used to be the hallmark of customer purchases. Now, however, e-commerce credit card processing platforms offer efficient ways to conduct online business for small companies.

The right platform can offer software updates, hosting, and security while also providing a safe and efficient way for customers to conduct transactions on your site.

If you’re looking for the right e-commerce credit card processing platform for you, you need to know the difference between the two main types of e-commerce: self-hosted and cloud.

Self-hosted e-commerce applications

The development of a self-hosted e-commerce application can be a little more work, but there are benefits to this method for those looking for effective e-commerce credit card processing on their business website.

These benefits include control and security.  A self-hosted platform gives you more options for customization on your retail store and a more individualized platform for e-commerce credit card processing.

Cloud-hosted applications

A cloud-hosted application for credit card processing for e-commerce means that a third party manages more of the website’s applications for you. This is can reduce your website’s downtime by providing constant maintenance and updates.

Features every eCommerce application should have

Your plans to have successful e-commerce credit card processing on your site should also include optimization for mobile technology and the ability to perform one-click transactions. It’s always a good idea to offer your customers an efficient transaction system.

For yourself, an e-commerce credit card processing system should have options for add-ons, customizable apps, SEO tools, and inventory management.

The Takeaway

Credit card processing for e-commerce is a significant aspect of any online store’s programming. You need to offer your customers the ability to make mobile-friendly, efficient transactions through an e-commerce credit card processing platform that has customization options for inventory, as well as no startup fees.

No matter what type of e-commerce platform you choose for credit card purchases on your site, use this guide to sort out its features to choose the right options for your business.

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