How to Apply for a Merchant Account

A new business owner can be called upon to make a lot of decisions about how to go through all manner of paperwork and applications. This process can be intimidating, and it may sometimes be tempting to reject filling out a merchant account application. This could potentially be extremely unwise, as a merchant account will enable your business to accept and process credit card payments.

An internet merchant account is the best way to accept payments whatever way your customers want to make them. Fewer people are carrying cash with them and prefer to make purchases with credit cards. Studies show that, statistically speaking, when your business accepts credit cards, more people will buy things, and they will spend more money when they make a purchase, as compared with customers that are forced to pay cash. This can all happen with a merchant account application.

When choosing the merchant account provider that is right for your business, there are many things to consider. Internet merchant accounts can accomplish many different functions associated with accepting payment, and the right provider will be able to process payments quickly and safely with every purchase.

The Application Process

The merchant account application process does not have to be difficult. The right merchant account provider can give you a free price quote and pre-approve your application for a merchant account with just some basic information about your business.

Bad credit or no credit should not be a deterrent to applying. The right merchant account provider will work with people of all backgrounds to ensure that they can achieve their business dreams. Don’t let bad credit prevent you from applying for a merchant account.

Similarly, even if your business is considered “high-risk” by the credit card industry, the right merchant account provider can still get you set up to accept credit cards, as well as eChecks and other forms of electronic payment.


Even though it may seem like just more paperwork to fill out when starting a business, a merchant account application should never be overlooked. Internet merchant services are what allow businesses to accept and process credit card payments.

The application process does not have to be difficult and can be completed with some basic information about your business. A history of bad credit or a business in a “high-risk” industry should not prevent someone from getting access to internet merchant services.

For more information about merchant account applications or to sign up for a merchant account, you can visit or call (888)924-2743. can help your business grow and succeed.

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