How to Accept Credit Cards on Cell Phones

The internet has changed the way businesses accept and process payments. Access to online payment services gives businesses the chance to bring payment options to their customers, rather than being forced to rely upon conventional credit card swipe machines.

Why are payment solutions optimized for mobile devices important? How can businesses get them? Read on to learn how to accept credit cards on cell phones and why an internet merchant account is the single most important thing a business can have in order to succeed.

Why Cell Phone Payment Services are Important

Secure online payment transactions are the lifeblood of modern business. A merchant’s ability to both accept payments from their cell phone and to give their customers options to buy from their own phones could be a huge boost to business.

The benefit of offering customers the ability to pay for merchandise ordered from your site from their phone is clear – if it’s easier for them to pay, they’re more likely to do so. From the business’s end, being able to accept payments from a cell phone could be significant as well.

Many businesses must still rely on in-person interactions. For example, businesses in many private industries that rely on house calls, such as those owned by plumbers, electricians, contractors, inspectors, appraisers, movers, and exterminators, cannot deliver their services remotely. Restaurant owners, mechanics, medical practitioners, and anyone else who can only conduct their business in person can benefit from being able to accept credit, debit, and other forms of eCommerce right from their phone.

The use of cash, money orders, and paper checks is waning. Businesses that rely only on these transaction methods are increasingly likely to find themselves falling further and further behind.

How Businesses Can Accept Credit Cards on Cell Phones

The right internet merchant account service provider can offer ways for businesses to accept credit cards using their cell phone. This gives customers more ways to pay in businesses that are used to only accepting cash, such as small restaurants and thrift stores.

Getting access to software from an internet merchant account provider can help a small business accept these payments without having to install swipe machines or unnecessary hardware. More convenient POS devices can improve businesses by offering customers payment methods that are more accessible to the ways that people spend their money today–and in the future.

The Takeaway

Because cash and in-person payments are more and more becoming a thing of the past, internet merchant accounts that provide services for businesses to accept payments online and from their cell phones are now a necessity.

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