How Free Credit Card Processing Software Can Help Your Business

Processing credit card purchases is a major step for a retail merchant account. Accepting credit cards means that your business can increase its cash flow and can grow in new ways. However, accepting and processing credit cards is not the last step to helping your business succeed.

Surcharges can be added to purchases made with credit cards to cover the costs of the credit card processing software. Using free credit card processing software allows your business to pass those savings to your customers and eliminates the need for surcharges. Customers will appreciate not having to add on additional charges they’re not expecting.

Even with free credit card processing software eliminating surcharges, the processing will still keep that information secure and be fast. Having a retail merchant account can help your business grow in multiple ways while keeping customers satisfied.

Customer Satisfaction

When customers know what they will be paying the amount they expect when they complete their purchase, they tend to be more satisfied with their purchase, and more likely to complete the checkout process. Having free credit card processing software can help customers be satisfied when they go to pay for their items.

This can help customers continue to come back to a business and tell others about it. Customer satisfaction can increase when customers don’t have to add extra fees to calculate the actual total of their purchases. Having a merchant account that includes credit card processing software at no additional charge will not only help your business accept and process credit card purchases but can also help your business to eliminate additional charges for customers.

Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing is the purpose of a merchant account. Customers want to be able to know that their credit card information stays safe with every purchase without losing convenience. Free credit card processing software provides efficient processing without adding the need for more fees for customers.

A merchant account will enable your business to process credit card payments securely to keep the sensitive information exchanged during purchases safe. This security applies no matter how the credit card is used, making expanding shopping options easy for businesses and customers. A retail merchant account can be used for more than physical shopping and can also be made to work with online shopping options.

A retail merchant account will also process payments quickly. This efficient processing can increase customer satisfaction as customers can know that the payment has gone through correctly without having to remember previous purchases. It can also help your business move on to the next customer for more payment processing, even with free credit processing software.


Free credit card processing software can help a business eliminate surcharges when customers use a credit card for payments. Customers appreciate not having to calculate additional charges when they pay with a credit card and will help your business grow. A retail merchant account that uses free software for processing credit card payments will continue to process payments securely and quickly for additional customer satisfaction.

To find out more about free credit card processing software or to sign up for a merchant account that includes free credit card processing software, you can visit or call (888)924-2743. No matter what you sell or how you sell it, can help your business grow and succeed. 

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