How Card Logos Improve Websites

Card logos may seem innocuous, but they can have a huge impact on a website’s credibility. Customers expect them to be there and they notice when something is missing. That has an important impact on the site’s professionalism for many reasons, including a few that many businesses may not have considered.

Card logos and other features like shopping carts are part of software packages that businesses acquire from merchant account providers. These online merchant accounts give businesses the ability to process credit and debit card payments, along with the software and hardware needed to pull this off.

Any business that plans on adding an online store to its infrastructure needs to know how online merchant accounts and card logos can affect perception, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown when customers expect these transaction options and are becoming more selective about which of the many websites they support.

What is an online merchant account?

A merchant account allows a business to process their customers’ debit and credit cards. They do this through an account that processes the transactions through a payment processor, which transfers money between banks.

An online merchant account is an important asset to modern businesses, whether they plan on conducting business in an online store, in their brick and mortar store, or from their phone. Mobile optimization is one of the many services offered by merchant account providers, as well as swipe machines for in-person transactions and software for online stores.

Why are card logos important?

Card logos are one of the features available for websites optimized for sales with online merchant account services. They serve a dual function. The first is to show customers which payment methods are available on the store, which builds trust and helps keep their expectations on the same level as the business’s abilities. It lets them know they won’t have to worry about filling up their shopping cart, and then finding out that the site won’t accept their card.

The second function is subtler but possibly more as important. Card logos on a store give off a sense of credibility and legitimacy. They give customers information about a site’s safe transaction methods and the fact that have a secure online merchant account with a verified provider.

Shopping carts go along with the logos to provide convenience for customers, though they’re even more functional. Modern online stores need them to create a relationship of trust and security with their customers, as well as an efficient method of payment.

The Takeaway

Card logos are an important feature of any modern online store. If a business plans on going beyond swipe machines and accepting credit and debit payments online, the store needs to display these logos in order to engender feelings of trustworthiness in customers.

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