How can I accept Credit Card payments for my Bookstore?

For decades now, we’ve been hearing about the supposed death of books. We were warned they’d be wiped out by the advent of Kindles, Nooks, Mobi, and PDF readers. Yet while lots of readers now get their fix through digital devices. a large number still enjoy the sensual texture of a real, physical book. The smell of crisp new pages, or perhaps even better, the mingled scents of old ones, possibly with intriguing spots and stains, fueling fantasies of where they’ve been.

The lulling whisper of carefully flipped book leaves, the texture of the paper between the fingers, the heft of a hard-back in the hands, even the crease of dog-eared folds combines with the excitement of sifting through libraries and bookstores to find just the right title. Books don’t have batteries to run down, and they don’t need WiFi. So, without a doubt, there is still a place for the good old book store.

Paper or plasma

Some book sellers may not think they have enough sales to justify the expense of accepting credit cards. But that’s looking at the situation backwards. If you don’t accept credit cards, chances are you are losing sales to a competitor who does. In fact, studies show that, statistically speaking, accepting credit cards can increase sales by 500% or more.

And accepting credit cards is a lot more affordable than you might think. Some payment processors will let you apply at zero cost, and they’ll offer processing tools at no additional cost, such as electronic keypads, card programing for different card networks, shopping carts for an online store, or mobile payment apps.

For more information on how you can accept credit card payments for your bookstore, or to sign up for a merchant account, please call (888) 924-2743 or go to

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