How Businesses Can Accept Credit Cards on a Cell Phone

Perhaps the most important principle in all of business is that if a customer wants to pay money to the business, then, for goodness sake, let them! That’s why it’s important for businesses to offer their customers as many different payment methods as possible, because one never knows what payment method the next customer will prefer.

One vital method to accept payment is to accept credit cards on a cell phone. This can be an extremely convenient payment method in a changing marketplace.

Internet Merchant Services

Finding a merchant account provider that offers internet merchant services is an extremely worthwhile investment that will typically pay for itself, many, many times over. These services offer diverse payment options for customers, as well as security upgrades, hardware, and software.

Payment options such as credit card and debit transactions, eCheck payments, ACH transfers, and even cryptocurrency options allow businesses to give customers options. These options can include payment software and hardware optimized for mobile devices.

Accept Credit Cards on Cell Phone

Credit card transactions are the main way customers buy products online today. Businesses that make house calls like exterminators and plumbers, food trucks, and businesses that show at trade shows often can’t afford to only accept cash or checks anymore.

Technology that allows businesses to accept credit cards remotely using either a cell phone or a mobile terminal can allow businesses to securely accept credit cards practically anywhere.


Software and hardware that enables a website to accept credit cards ought to have the latest security features. Businesses can take advantage of advanced point of sale (POS) systems, firewalls, and automatic updates to give customers convenient and secure ways to pay with their credit cards.

The Takeaway

Businesses can benefit from knowing the features available from their merchant account provider to accept credit cards on cell phone. Visit or call them at (888) 924-2743 to find services that allow businesses to accept credit cards on the go.

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