Help Your Customers Feel Comfortable Paying Online

It’s important to customers that they feel comfortable about how, where, and to whom they’re paying. Comfort can be boiled down into two primary components: safety and convenience. An online shopping platform can help customers feel comfortable by reassuring them that their safety and security is high priority, as well as by making sure the shopping process is as smooth and accommodating as possible. These two factors are often intertwined, and a safer shopping environment can lead to a smoother, more convenient experience for customers.

Top 5 safety and security measures for more comfortable online paying

Typically, security is the top priority for both businesses and their customers when paying online, so it’s crucial to focus on how making a safe and secure shopping experience can make customers feel more comfortable about spending their money on an online site. There are many factors that go into a purchasing decision, but all other things being equal, the more comfortable a customer feels about a site, the more likely they are to go through with a purchase, meaning more sales for the business.

  1. Show your customers you’re legitimate

You have only an instant to form a good impression online. Many customers are much less likely to spend money online if a website seems illegitimate or unprofessional. The best way to create a trustworthy impression is to ensure that the site is well-presented and easy to navigate with clear descriptions of products and services, and that it loads quickly.

Another factor to consider is that people trust other people more than machines, so it pays to show customers who you are. This could be, for example, in the form of a well-developed contact page, an ‘about’ section to showcase your team, or a social media presence outside your site. Customer reviews are also helpful indicators of trust for new customers, providing “social proof” for a website.

  1. Clearly display security logos and site seals

One way to instill a sense of security on a website is to display security certifications that potential customers can easily see. The most important security logo of all is the icon that appears in the address bar indicating that your website has an SSL certificate, which ensures that it is safe to make transactions on the website because the transaction will be encrypted.

  1. Require multiple authentication layers

A customer that has to go through several layers of verification to make an online purchase also shows that their information is secure–but if the process is too long-winded, they may abandon the purchase out of frustration. Two-factor verification with email and/or cell phone confirmation can be a good option.

  1. Reduce customers’ risks

The new generation of online shoppers are very aware of their risks and can be suspicious if these risks are not managed by the business. Display your terms and conditions of sales clearly, including your returns policy, shipping costs and other factors. Also make sure your products or services are clearly described to avoid unhappy customers. A fully functional, well-presented and secure site will help customers feel more secure about spending their money there.

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