Grocery Stores Can Increase Sales with Credit Card Processing

Did you know your grocery store sales can increase with credit card processing?  The big chain grocery stores all accept credit cards. But your grocery store is the one with the freshest meat and produce. That’s what your reputation is based on and that’s why customers come to your store when they need fresh perishable food. So, if they have to carry cash because you don’t take credit cards as payment, they may decide to buy everything at the big chain store. After all, to shop your store requires a special trip and a little extra effort. So make it worth the trip and let them pay using the method that about 75% of consumers prefer: paying with their credit card.

If you choose the right processor, it will be easy for you to set up a merchant account, so that you can start accepting credit cards, and some processors charge no application fees, no charges for equipment or software. And make sure that you choose a processor that provides 24-hour technical support at no extra charge. You could be accepting credit cards within one business day.

More than one way

An additional way grocery stores sales increase with credit card processing is by creating an online store. Some of those specialty items you stock make great gifts. When loyal customers move away, it’s nice for them to still be able to get some of their favorite items, like that apple butter, delivered. Your online store will have a shopping cart with which customers can pay you for your specialty items any time of the day or night. You can check your internet orders when it is convenient for you, fill the orders, and ship them out. You will be money while you sleep. If you are that rare and treasured grocery store that delivers, you are indeed a solution to today’s busy lifestyle.

You can increase your grocery store sales

How much your sales increase depends on how willing you are to make it easy for your customers to spend money, ane statistics prove that grocery stores’ sales increase with credit card processing. Your walk-in sales will increase if customers can pay by credit card. Since you take credit cards, some customers will buy from you for that reason alone. Keep your online store interesting and your online sales will soar. That’s another way to increase your sales with credit card processing. Businesses typically show an increase in sales of up to 500% or more when they begin to accept credit cards. Amd an often-cited study shows that individual customers spend an average of 12-18% more when using a credit card. How much you want to grow is up to you.

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