Give Your Customers a Better Shopping Experience

In some parts of the developing world, seeing someone take out a card to pay at the grocery store elicits groans. First off, the payment process is cumbersome. The customer has to produce ID, input their PIN, then wait for a manager to come so they can sign their receipt. Fortunately, card payments aren’t as convoluted here in the US. You just swipe and go. That said, the process can always be easier, safer, and faster.

The way to offer your customers more speed and security is to sign up with the right payment processor. Look for someone that fully believes in you and supports your business. Some payment processors may show a willingness to go the extra mile by accepting your business despite prior bankruptcies or bad credit. They’re ready to help you recover from your financial history and thrive. Such payment processors also typically take on ‘high risk’ business.

Faster, better, safer

The more delays that are involved in a credit card transaction, the more risk there is of fraud, and the more fraught a customer feels. When their payments take a long time to be transmitted and confirmed, there’s potential for a third party to intercept their data. It’s also possible that a glitch in the system could be duplicating transactions and therefore doubling charges on the card.

Delays could make a client frantically refresh their payment, prompting duplication. It can also make them cancel the transaction, leading to chargeback fees for the merchant. If this happens frequently enough, the merchant could be blacklisted. To avoid all this drama, use a payment partner that verifies customers instantly, facilitating quicker, smoother payments.

Multiple payment options

The most popular card networks are Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. They use universally recognized payment systems, as long as your merchant processor is PCI compliant and programmed to accept their transactions. That said, there are different channels for card payments, and the more you offer your clients, the easier it is to pay. Let them pick their preferred method, such as self-check-out, portable card readers, serviced swiping, virtual stores, or mobile apps.

It may seem extravagant to install all those paths to payment, but it doesn’t have to be. Some payment processors offer all these options as part of their package, and they may even offer these additional channels at no extra charge. If you choose the right merchant account provider, you may also get a compatible shopping cart for your website or online store, free apps for your phone or tablet, and free security features for your web POS.

Good customer service

Regardless of your best efforts, it’s possible that there may still be a time when something goes wrong. Maybe your website hangs or your online store is down. Maybe the cardholder’s bank has a glitch. Maybe your goods got lost in transit on the way to the customer.

That’s why it’s important to offer reliable contact options for your customers. Talking to your customer care or tech support team can allay customer fears, maintain their trust in your brand, and prompt repeat business.

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