Getting a Charity Merchant Account

Working for a charity or non-profit is rewarding. It can also be stressful. A lot of time can be spent making sure that the charity has the funds necessary to make sure that things run smoothly and that it has the resources to help others. Even as more people are donating to charities, more of these donations are being made online.

Being able to process online payments is extremely important for any charity. And getting the internet merchant account needed to do that can seem daunting. Many merchant account providers add higher fees to charity merchant accounts. But some merchant account providers are willing to work with charities to help make sure that donations go where they can do the most good.

A charity should not be restricted to cash-only donations because of high fees from internet merchant accounts. As much of the money as possible should go to sustaining the charity so that it can help others and mak the world a better place. That’s why it’s important to find a merchant account provider that offers charity merchant accounts offer low fees so that more money can go to the people and activities who need them.

The Benefits of a Charity Merchant Account

Many internet merchant accounts have a lot of fees and payments attached to them. This makes having a merchant account for a charity seem less desirable. After all, if that money is not going to go to the charity, is it really worth it to accept credit cards?

But eschewing a charity merchant account can drastically reduce donations as more and more people are using credit cards to make donations. Not having an internet merchant account can stop people from donating to your charity. Having the option to accept credit cards will add more cash flow and money to the charity.

Having the right charity merchant account for will also mean that donations made with a credit card will be deposited quickly into the merchant account. Some payment processors can withhold deposits for weeks or even months. For most charities, especially those that operate on small budgets, it can be critical that their money is available as soon as possible.

Charity merchant accounts can streamline your charity and help make it more functional. People want to donate to charities and help. People also expect to be able to make donations with credit cards and online. Having a merchant account will make that happen.

Using a Charity Merchant Account

Using a charity merchant account is simple. With the right vendor who is willing to work with your charity, the costs can be low, and donations can be available quickly so that it can be used to sustain your charity and help others.

Applying for a merchant account can be an easy process. All it takes is some information about your charity. The application can be completed online. Once the merchant account is set up, accepting credit cards for donations will be a breeze.

For more information about charity merchant accounts or to sign up for a merchant account, visit or call (888) 924-2743. can help your charity succeed and grow.

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