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Get a Good Night’s Sleep when you get Credit Card Processing for your Bed/Mattress Sales

Whether your furniture store has just entered the business or if you’re an industry veteran, there are several things that probably occupy your mind: growing your business, reaching out to new customers, exploring new geographies and demography, attracting new talent, streamlining your cash flow, and ensuring smooth payment options are all important areas that demand your attention.

Partnering with the right credit card processing company can take care of several of these issues. Today, large ticket size purchases like mattresses and beds, high value transactions and bill payments are made almost exclusively using credit cards. Mattresses can cost thousands of dollars depending upon the quality, size and brand. This industry is also one that carries huge mark-ups, so prices are sometimes negotiable, there are regular discounts, sales and payment terms available. Online sales have come to dominate the market, making cash payment almost completely obsolete.

Are Furniture and Furnishing Sales Businesses Considered High Risk?

Traditional banks tend to be reluctant to work with the furniture and furnishing sales markets. This industry has an unfortunate history of very high chargebacks due to some of its own unique features.

Typical reasons for chargeback by customers include:

  • shipping delays
  • high value
  • damage during transportation
  • fulfillment issues by the company
  • long wait between order and delivery
  • buyer remorse
  • unmet expectations
  • risks of online fraud

As a result, traditional merchant account providers may charge very high fees, impose stringent conditions and penalties. However, there are several trustworthy, established, affordable, friendly and efficient credit card processing companies that can work with you. All you need to do is to find the right credit card processing company.

Find the Right Credit Card Processing Company

Business owners need to spend some time and effort in looking for the right debit/credit card processor. This can save much time and money, besides ensuring that your business growth trajectory remains smooth and cash flow stays healthy. You need a credit card processing company that is in sync with your risk level, provides your preferred pricing models and offers information and education.

Sometimes people even forget that they made purchases, especially when there are long waiting periods between order and delivery. They also may not recognize your name on their card-statement. Merchants like you can help you avoid chargebacks by providing electronic receipts, and support phone numbers, as well as letting the customer know exactly how your name will appear on their statement, especially if it is different from what they might be expecting.

Those with experience in this sector can add value to your relationship. They understand the nature of your business and its particular requirements.

Look for a merchant account provider who can provide:

  • Swift set-up
  • Safety and security
  • Data privacy
  • Versatile options and customized payment solutions
  • Multiple secure payment gateways
  • Low fees
  • No hidden charges, application/registration charges
  • no long-term contract commitment
  • No long time lock-in terms
  • Competitive rates
  • Help resolving any disputes that may arise with your customers
  • Regular, easy-to-read reports

Card processing companies that offer responsible, transparent ways of doing business help you win the trust of clients and also make transaction disputes less likely. Don’t lose any more sleep!

For more information on credit card processing for your bed/mattress sales or to sign up for a merchant account, please call (888) 924-2743 or go to

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