The number one reason your business needs to accept card payments is because that is what customers want. If you are holding off accepting cards then you are losing money daily. How long can you do that before you close your doors for good?

Let’s look 5 good reasons to accept credit card payments:

  1. We are becoming a cashless society

Fewer and fewer of us walk around with a wad of cash in our pocket just in case we need or want to buy something. We don’t receive a paper payroll check on Friday, deposit it in our bank on the way home and write checks to pay our bills. We don’t even give our kids lunch money anymore; they have an account at school.  We are well on our way to becoming the long expected cashless society. Anyone expecting to be open for business will soon have to accept credit cards as payment.

  1. Card convenience beats cash

Have you been in line at the store behind the woman writing a check to pay for her purchases?  Maybe you feel a little impatient waiting. Credit cards for purchases are far more convenient for the customer and the business owner.

The customer swipes or inserts the card to pay for purchases. She doesn’t have to record it anywhere else to have an automatic record of her purchase. It’s easier to track household spending when using cards for purchases.  The business owner accepts the card as payment and knows within seconds if the card is valid. No worries about bounced checks.

  1. Credit cards are safer than cash

Disagree? Try going into your bank and asking them to replace the twenty dollar bill you lost. If you lose the debit card or credit card they issued to you, they will cancel and replace them.

For business owners, cards over cash makes your business less vulnerable to robbery. Also, you are assured of payment and a less likely chance of mistakes in your accounting receipts.

  1. Accept credit cards and reap the benefits of impulse shopping

Impulse shopping is something almost everyone does. We see an item in the perfect shade of blue and we want to buy it. If it’s your shop and you don’t take credit cards, you miss that sale. You will also miss out on what the buyer’s friend who tagged along to your store buys and the little extra they both pick up.

Studies show that, on average, buyers who use credit cards spend as much as 20% more when shopping. There is a logic that says, if I buy something on sale then I get to buy something else too. Your shop should be the one reaping the benefits.

  1. Customers shop where cards are accepted

Shoppers today prefer to use a card for payments so they shop at the businesses that accept cards. A customer may go into your store planning on paying with cash. If they don’t have enough to cover the extras they want, they will use their credit card to pay for all of it.

Businesses fail for a lot of reasons, but limited payment options doesn’t have to be one of them. Call at 1-888-924-2743 or visit them on the web at to discover how inexpensive and easy it is to give your customers the card payment options that all customers have now come to expect.

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