Five Reasons to Get a Credit Card

There are two kinds of people. There are those who love credit cards because it’s a ‘limitless’ spending option. Then there are those who have heard horror stories about credit card debt, so they avoid cards completely. In reality, credit cards are useful, as long as you keep your spending under control and pay them off in full and on time. People typically get into debt because they didn’t consider how they were going to pay the money back.

Strangely, some people don’t even realize they have to pay credit cards back, and they don’t account for interest. Possibly they got their cards in the mail and didn’t carefully read their terms and conditions. Plus, unfortunately, some credit card companies are deliberately vague about charges and rates, which leaves customers in a mess. Still, credit cards are worth having. Here’s why.

  1. It’s safer than carrying cash

Credit cards can be stolen just as easily as cash can, but they’re harder to monetize. After all, they’d need your PIN and signature, and you can block the card as soon as you realize it’s gone, which also means that authorities will be notified if they try to use the card again. You are much safer taking out your card than exposing your wads of cash in public.

  1. You can use them when you travel

We do a lot of shopping when we travel, but the process of declaring cash at the airport or finding friendly foreign exchange rates can be frustrating. This doesn’t even account for the hard work of performing currency conversions in your head. Swiping your card evades all those annoyances. It’s just less of a headache all round.

  1. You can make purchases online

An increasing number of us are making the switch to e-commerce. It’s more convenient, and in some ways, more fun. Unfortunately, you can’t use hard currency online. You can pay by credit card, or you can call in a check. Credit cards are easier, especially for that flash sale or impulse purchase. They can be especially useful for a last-minute gift if you forgot someone’s birthday, anniversary, or some other special occasion.

  1. They can fit in your clutch bag

Money will always be fashionable, but you don’t always have room for it. Whether you’re a man or a woman, a wad of cash can ruin your sexy silhouette on a night out. Credit cards can fit in a tiny clutch, slim wallet, or figure-hugging pocket.

  1. They can earn you loyalty points

Loyalty programs are a clever way to keep customers coming back to your store. You can earn rewards, discounts, or even frequent flyer miles. That’s a good reason to get a store-specific credit card. At the same time, ‘credit’ implies a loan. It gives you access to money you don’t have, and the more you use your card, the higher your ‘loan limit’. But only if you repay on time, so keep an eye on the due date.

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