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Fast, Mobile Payment Processing Keeps Sport and Rec Businesses Running

If a business is based on recreational activities or sports, then everything happens on the fly. Work is done out in the field – or forest, lakefront, mountainside, or beach. Frequent travel is a part of the job; for example, a professional sports instructor might have tournaments in Boston one week, and then be coaching at a camp in Tallahassee the next. Remittances are collected on the go, which can be very difficult when dealing with paper. Checks and cash often get stuffed into wallets, pockets, or backpacks where they can get lost, torn, or spent accidentally without making it onto the books. There is virtually no time to stop into the office to deal with the invoices, either, or go to the bank to physically submit payments. Given all the obstacles that keep popping up, it is no wonder that many sporting companies hit the proverbial wall.

Luckily, hears the groaning of businesses straining under these burdens, and is ready to step in and help with the heavy lifting. They have time- and money-saving merchant services available to athletic enterprises, so owners can focus less on sitting behind a desk shuffling papers, and more on keeping their customers in the zone. offers its clients the ability to fill orders, do the bookkeeping, and send invoices 24/7 using state-of-the-art technology like the Virtual Terminal – all of which is provided at no cost and has free technical support. They can also give customers card readers compatible with cellphones and iPads, so coaches and camping guides can collect their payments abroad using mobile credit card processing instead of stashing bundles of checks or cash to deposit at the bank later. Transactions are processed in real-time, too, so verifications and approvals are instantaneous and funds are speedily deposited.

Some businesses have been told by other payment processors that they do not meet the criteria for obtaining an online merchant account – a necessary tool for credit card payment processing. The rejections can be caused by many factors, including a business’s age, size, customer volume, and credit rating. The companies then have to settle for using a processor’s merchant account as a third party, and pay exorbitant fees to do so. does not engage in such tactics. They offer each customer their own merchant account – regardless of the customer’s risk status – and still charge some of the lowest fares in the industry. Clients can pay as little as 0.25% and a fee of only $0.15 per transaction, which bests the competition by a longshot. believes in the never-give-up attitude of the sports and recreation trade. That is why they have made it their goal to help businesses within that ring of commerce stay on track and improve steadily. Their top-rate payment gateway services help keep busy companies moving, so they will not wind up down for the count.

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