Ensuring Electronic Payments are Seamless and Secure

Secure and seamless payments are vital to building trust with your customers. It’s a fact that the more people trust you, the more inclined they will be to do business with you.

When it comes to accepting credit or debit card payments, building customer trust is not only up to you. The merchant account service provider that you choose plays a greater role in your business than you might realize. That is why careful research is vital before you make a selection. Knowing that you can trust your merchant account service provider and that they have your back when it comes processing and security mean that you have your customer’s back.

What must I look for?

Firstly, remember that there is a very complicated process of messaging and transacting that takes place within seconds when you process a customer credit card payment. It’s on that processing and transacting that you must focus when you select a merchant account service provider. If you want your customer’s electronic payments to be seamless and secure, your merchant service provider must offer a seamless and secure processing service.

Questions to ask merchant account service providers when you are making assessments and comparisons include:

  • Do they comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council regulations as well as financial services board regulations?
  • Can they prove that their security and fraud preventions systems are compliant, reviewed and regularly updated?
  • Do they offer technical support beyond standard business hours?
  • Do they go out of their way to understand their clients’ businesses and offer suitable solutions and services?
  • Are they well established in the credit card processing industry?
  • Do they have valid recommendations?

The answers to these question should be readily available via each of the service provider’s websites and representatives.

Why are these questions pertinent?

To keep your customers’ electronic payments secure, your merchant account service provider must take security seriously, and they need to keep their systems updated constantly. Unfortunately, fraudsters are always lurking in the wings looking for an opportunity. By keeping their systems compliant and updated, your merchant account service provider will ensure that your customers’ card details and other sensitive data are safeguarded against fraud. And in that way, your business is safeguarded as well.

Choose a merchant account service provider who has an interest in your business and offers you card payment solutions that work best for your type of business and customer base. You want them to not only understand but to makes recommendations so that you can accept card payments readily in the environment you trade in. You also need the assurance that there is a skilled and qualified team available to offer you support if you need it when you need it.

And finally, you want to know that your merchant account service provider has a solid and well-established reputation. This is vital if you want the assurance that your customers’ card details and the reputation of your business are in safe hands.

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