Enjoy a Safe, Easy, and Compatible Payment Gateway

Not every payment gateway is created equal. In fact, some software might not be compatible with your website or secure enough for your online shoppers.  Before you open an ecommerce merchant account with just any payment gateway provider, find software that is easy-to-use, secure, and compatible with your online shopping cart.

Small business credit card processing over the internet doesn’t have to be complicated. Charge.com offers a very easy-to-use eCommerce payment gateway. It’s simple to use for merchants as well as online customers. Most merchants can learn the software on their own; however, we offer free software training as well as convenient, on-demand technical support to speed up the process.  

Your payment gateway must also be secure. This is especially important if you want to build and sustain a reputable company that can compete in the current marketplace. To provide your customers with protected software, look for military-grade encryption, such as 128 bit SSL. You will be pleased to know that Charge.com offers software that is not only military grade encrypted, but also Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant.

Finally, Charge.com’s payment gateway is 100 percent compatible with nearly every online shopping cart. To be specific, we provide numerous payment gateway solutions, making it possible to accommodate nearly every website and type of business. In the rare chance that our software is not compatible with your site, we provide a free online shopping cart to solve the problem. Free shopping carts are available to everyone with an ecommerce merchant account with Charge.com Payment Solutions, Inc.

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