What Else Can a Merchant Account Do?

A merchant account offers you much more than just the benefit of accepting credit and debit card payments. Utilize you merchant account to the full by incorporating the other value-added services merchant card service providers offer.

Merchant card service providers can integrate your payment system with your accounting system via software. This integration immediately allocates payment made to your accounting records eliminating potential queries caused by misallocation and human error, saving time and money by eliminating duplicating payment posting and providing you with immediate accurate reports that will allow you to have a solid grip on your business’s cash-flow situation at any time.

Loyalty programs and gift cards

You can also introduce loyalty programs and gift cards through your merchant service provider.

Today’s customers expect ease of payment, choice of payment and value for money. Loyalty programs have gained traction in the market and many customers will choose to support businesses where they can be rewarded for their loyalty and repeated purchases.

Introducing loyalty cards will bring customers back time and again as they accrue points on purchases based on payment value, and benefit from special discounts. Accrued points can be discounted against future purchases. More and more businesses are introducing loyalty cards, so don’t let your business be left lagging behind. Speak to your merchant card service provider about how you can introduce a loyalty card system. You will have the option of custom cards with your company logo and artwork, and you can track loyalty card point accrual and redemptions from integrated software.

Gift cards offer customers the convenience of offering someone to choose their own gift from your range rather than be given something they don’t really want. The customer buys the gift card from you at a set value. The value is loaded onto a card designed to your choice, with your preference of text. When the recipient buys from your business presenting the gift card as payment, the gift card is processed through your existing point of sale system and integrated into your accounting payment system.

Customers can pay in their own currency

Merchant card service providers can help you boost sales and cut costs by offering currency conversion services that will allow you to market your products globally. Your international buyer can pay online for products purchased, and all currency conversions and foreign exchange requirements will be handled seamlessly by your merchant service provider.

A currency conversion option can also be loaded to your shopping cart option to allow the buyer to see what the product will cost in their currency once converted. This will allow them the option to accept or decline.

By opening your services and products to the global market your business will grow exponentially, particularly if you are offering a product or service that can be downloaded or accessed via a link and a password.

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