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Electricians Can See the Light with Affordable Credit Card Processing

The average person’s exposure to electrical work is mostly restricted to bomb squad scenes in spy thrillers. (Is it the red wire or the blue wire?) Of course, poking around the electrical systems of one’s home without the proper education can be about equally dangerous. This means that most people are probably going to need the help of a a professional electrician with anything from blown fuse boxes to flickering light bulbs. Unfortunately, human nature often gets in the way of business, because a lot of customers who are quick to call can also be slow to pay their bill.

What often happens is you or a member of your team of electricians rushes over, fixes the problem, then goes back to the office with nothing more than the promise of payment. If you’re exceptionally lucky, you might leave the job site with a check that you can only hope will be honored. Wireless credit card payment processing can help.

Create new habits

Customers are increasingly becoming accustomed to paying for services using their credit cards. To them, there’s nothing unusual about swiping at the store, or with the pizza guy. ‘Train’ them to extend that courtesy to you, ensuring you receive guaranteed payment even before you leave their premises. It can solve your cash-flow problems, and eliminate the time and expense of chasing down payments for months. And letting your customers know ahead of time that you offer the convenience of paying with plastic can motivate them to choose you over one of your competitors.

Institute a new office policy of payment-upon-service. When they book your company, let them know you’ll require payment before when services are rendered. Tell them credit cards are accepted, in case they claim not to have cash on hand.

Have the right equipment

If you don’t want to carry a portable electronic keypad to the site with your other equipment, you can find a payment processor that also offers mobile apps that work right from your smartphone. Processing a credit card is safer and easier than dealing with cash or checks. It’s a whole lot faster, too, when you factor in the time it takes to go after delinquent accounts. Find a merchant service provider with the guaranteed lowest rates. You can also check for added perks. For example, some payment processors won’t charge you for payment apps or portable card readers.

For more information on affordable credit card processing for electricians, or to sign up for a merchant account, please call (888) 924-2743 or go to

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