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Despite Political Upheaval, Charge Still Reaches Egypt continues its worldwide reach for online credit card processing all the way to Egypt regardless of recent events.  Charge now services every country, excluding Syria, Iran, North Korea, and Cuba. This is the result of a greater effort to globalize our services and connect business over the entire globe online. Offering free application processing and Rapid Approval, Charge is becoming a worldwide partner for online merchant accounts.

Despite the recent political events surrounding the military coup of President Mohammed Morsi this past month, there are a few businesses  experiencing growth. During this period of economic turbulence, may industries are suffering, tourism in particular. Since 2011, tourism had fallen dramatically with the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak. Tourists understandably feel less safe in Cairo and the surrounding areas. According to the New York Times, Cairo hotel occupancy fell below an average of 15 percent, also affecting taxi drivers, store vendors and tour guides.

However, commerce is still available over the internet  with the ability to process credit cards online. In addition, the food and construction industry are still in demand for services. The fish market in Egypt is steadily growing and online purchases are also easier to make with Charge’s new worldwide reach with merchant services. This greater interconnectivity around the world regarding online commerce should be able to help Egypt in the toughest times. Create an account with Payment Solutions, Inc. today.

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