Despite Eastern Conflict, Democratic Republic of Congo Open for International Business provides their credit card merchant services all over the world now, including the Democratic Republic of Congo. The only countries we haven’t reached are Syria, North Korea, Cuba and Iran. We believe that online commerce will help the world grow, and we offer our services with higher approval ratings. Online payment processing is fast and easy with our payment gateway software, seamlessly integrating with Ebay and other auction sites.

Although the Democratic Republic of Congo is largely insecure in the eastern part of the DCR, the rebel militias leave the rest of the country relatively undisturbed. In an interview with logistics company DHL’s country manager Bernard Malaba, he comments on the size of the country and how little of an effect the trouble in the east has on the west. Business hubs in the Capital of Kinshasa are far away from the troubling events in Goma.

Life continues for the people of the DRC, and online commerce is a growing form to conduct trade in the country. Internet merchant accounts from offers real-time transaction credit card processing to allow customers to submit their credit card info over the world wide web. These types of charges are approved in a matter of seconds and nobody needs to be present for the transaction.  This is incredibly important for businesses who wish to expand with Charge all over the world when customers are making payments in different time zones. Sign up today to receive the best credit card services from Payment Solutions, Inc.

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