Credit Card Surcharges Versus Free Credit Card Processing

In a competitive market, having an internet merchant account for processing credit card payments may not be enough to set your company apart. Credit card surcharges may help businesses cover the cost of using a merchant account, but customers don’t like paying hidden fees. Providing free credit card processing for your customers means eliminating those surcharges, which can increase customer satisfaction.

Customers want to pay only the amount that they are expecting. Any hidden fee, no matter how small or reasonable it may seem, can potentially contribute to customers abandoning their order and shopping somewhere else. Create customer trust by offering your customers free credit card processing to give your business a competitive edge no matter your industry.

Having an internet merchant account from a merchant account provider that offers Low Cost Assurance will ensure that your business can process credit card payments quickly and securely without having to pass along high costs to your customers. Your business can get high-quality, reliable credit card processing without having to charge customers for using a credit card. Having high-quality doesn’t have to mean having a high cost.

Customer Trust

Building a customer base can be the best way to grow a business. When customers know that your business will satisfy their needs, they will naturally be more likely to come back. Having hidden fees when they pay with a credit card can erode customer trust and cause them to go elsewhere.

Offering your customers free credit card processing can help your business establish trust with customers. Customers can know that they will be paying for what they purchase and nothing more. This can encourage them to come back for more shopping.

When customers come back for more, that means that they’ll be spending more money. This is money that can be used to expand your business, either by reaching new customers or expanding your products and services. An internet merchant account will process credit card payments no matter the point of sale so customers can continue to pay how they want to.


When people see a “free” price tag, they may worry that the quality will suffer. When you offer your customers free credit card processing with the right merchant account provider, you and your customers will not have to worry about this. All purchases made with a credit card will be processed securely and quickly with savings you can pass on to your customers. Build trust with your customers by providing reliable processing with every purchase. 

Customers want to know that their credit card information is safe when they use it. An internet merchant account will process every payment quickly and securely, so your customers can know that their data is safe.


Charging your customers processing fees to use your internet merchant account can hurt your business in a competitive market. Offering your customers free credit card processing can help your business build customer trust. This trust can help your business grow. With the right merchant account provider, offering free processing to your customers doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. Your merchant account will process all credit card payments, no matter the point of sale, with security and speed.

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