Credit Card Processing Paints a Better Picture for Art Studios

Visit historic art districts, and you can discover fascinating art studios. In these areas, as well as other parts of the country, entrepreneurs have converted large historic mills and factories into dozens of art studios under one roof. It’s a wonderful use of historic or warehouse space, and some even include art or music lessons, theater performances, and opportunities for children to express themselves through various media. Some have restaurants serving up artfully prepared and tantalizingly displayed food. Even visitors come to these places only to experience the history often make time to tour these multiple art studios. It might be the last stop before leaving for home, and there it is; a gorgeous work of art a visitor can’t live without.

Often, the only way this transaction is going to take place is if the artist accepts credit cards. Many shoppers don’t carry enough cash for a transaction of this size, and an artist would be foolhardy to watch their creations leave the studio in trade for a paper check that may or may not clear.

Credit Card Processing Can Paint a Better Financial Picture for the Artist

Some might insist that there’s no place for credit card transactions in a small art studio. But an artist that is worth his or her pay is more likely to get it if he or she accepts credit cards. Works of art tend to be impulse purchases. A customer sees it and knows immediately whether they want it. If the customer is local they might go home and think over the purchase, and they may or may never return. And visitors may never pass this way again. As an artist, you can give customers the opportunity to own your work by accepting credit cards. Buyers are statistically more likely to give in to their impulses if they can use their credit card. Studies show that when using a credit card, buyers are more likely to buy, and more likely to spend more when they do buy, as compared to those who pay cash.

It’s wonderful to be talented and creative but artists must pay their living expenses like everybody else. The easier you can make it for them to buy, the more customers you are likely to have, and the more you will be able to charge.

Credit Card Processing is Easy and Cheap with a Reputable Merchant Service.

You don’t have to be an accountant to process credit cards for customers as payment for your art. You don’t even need to allocate extra space. You simply need a merchant account service that is reputable. Your credit card reader can be an electronic keypad terminal, which is ideal for face to face transactions in one location. You will swipe their card through the terminal, and immediately you know if the payment is good. Other options include software for your smartphone or tablet that eliminates the need for any extra equipment.

To help you get off to a good start, it is wise to choose a merchant service that does not charge application fees (as many do). Ask if they provide 24/7/365 technical support. If you want to sell from your website then a make sure they provide a payment gateway and shopping cart software. Compare merchant service rates based on everything else being equal. We believe that you will see an increase in business, both among local residents and visitors. The right merchant service will have you accepting credit cards effortlessly in practically no time.

Would you enjoy creating your art more if it sold better? If so, then make it easier to buy.

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