Credit Card Processing Keeps Your Bicycle Shop Moving

A lot of bicycle owners are environmentally conscious. It’s why they’d rather use a bicycle than a car or motorcycle, which burns fossil fuels and raises their carbon footprint. They’re also aware that by simply riding a bike, they’re doing their bit to unclog traffic on public roads. And they almost certainly appreciate the health benefits of the exercise provided by a bicycle ride. Ideally, they’re also meticulous about safety, because they know a single tap from someone’s side mirror could do some serious damage to their bicycles, not to mention their bodies.

Concerned consumers

All this means that many of them take very good care of their bikes. They know when it’s time to bring their two-wheeler to your shop to be repaired or replaced. They may even know more about their bicycles than most people know about their cars, because caution and deep knowledge are part of their biking lifestyle, whether they commute every day or mountain-bike on weekends.

Another key characteristic of bicycle owners is minimalism. When they’re on the bike, every extra pound counts. Heavy clothes and bulky baggage means they have to use more energy to reach their destination. So they tend only to carry the basics.

What does this mean for your bicycle repair shop? It means your best payment option is by credit card. Bike riders are unlikely to carry cash because it’s a bigger security risk. They might even leave their cards at home, because it still puts them in a tricky position. One thing they’ll always have is their smartphone. It’s literally a survival tool when you’re commuting by bike.

Weightless payment systems

Smartphones mean they can check digital maps when they got lost, or call for help in emergencies. They can check where the nearest ‘fuel’ outlet is, because they are their own fuel, so they might need a quick snack to power up the rest of their journey. Knowing this, you need a merchant processor that will allow you to receive payments from your two-wheeled clients.

Your clients can just hold their smart phone up to your point of sale (POS) terminal, and get the payment approved immediately. There’s a good chance they’ll enjoy the process, because many bicyclists are all about hi-tech gadgets. A lot of them use smart-watches and trackers. These devices help them monitor their heart rate, distance covered, health status, and can even be used to track credit card usage, so they’re sure to love your smartphone payment option.

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