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Credit Card Processing is Necessary for your Small Business’ Success

Small businesses sometimes have to work twice as hard to stay competitive, relevant, and customer-friendly.

Credit and debit cards are one of the most popular payment choices for customers today and if your small business has not yet joined the club, it’s time to think about it. Many people do not carry checks or significant amounts of cash these days, and turning perfectly good customers away after they’ve browsed through your store and filled up their shopping carts can be really bad for business.

Consider some of the advantages of credit card processing that your small business can profit from:

Validates your Brand: When you display the logos of the cards you accept at your cash counter or on your website, it is a demonstration of professionalism that gives your customers a sense of confidence and trust. This in turn spills over on to your brand and business.

Ease and Convenience: Setting up credit card acceptance is quite simple and convenient. You can also have multiple points of sale if your business participates in events, exhibitions, or road shows.

Opens up more Business Opportunities: Studies show that each customer tends to spend more on average when they use cards. That means a boost in sales for you. If you have an online presence, card payments are a must. Most e-commerce transactions are card based. Accepting cards provides a wider reach and opens up many new markets both nationally and internationally. You can stay “open” 24×7 and you get a better insight into customer purchasing behavior and preferences.

Captures the Impulse Buyer: When your customer finds something they love or they’re at the point of checking out when they spot stuff that they’d love to have, often they may not have the necessary cash. They may decide to put off purchase, or they may have second thoughts, find it inconvenient to go to an ATM or bank.  But if your business accepts cards, then this is the time to really bag those impulse buyers.

Security: Modern technology has made card payments safe and secure. Select the right card processing company that verifies user information and uses the right fraud-scrubbing technology, so you can avoid fraudulent transactions. For customers, card payments are safer than carrying large sums of cash around and they know the support of their card company ensures they will avoid problems, which gives them the confidence to trust you.

Affordable: Credit card processing companies keep their rates low to stay competitive themselves. Having a reliable, friendly merchant account is the kind of support that small businesses can certainly do with. The increase in sales more than offsets the costs involved in providing card facilities to customers. Accepting cards is a great return on investment.

Makes Business Sense: With card payments, you get a steadier cash flow, without having to wait for check clearance, wait for invoices to be paid, and so on. It also puts you on par with your competitors. Otherwise it’s very easy for customers to walk out the door and take their business to one of your competitors that will let them use a credit card. Credit card payments streamline your business, and provide the reports and forecasting that make it more professional and manageable.

For more information on why credit card processing is necessary for your small business’ success, or to sign up for a merchant account, please call (888) 924-2743 or go to

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