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Credit Card Processing is Easy in Tampa, Florida

Tourists and Snowbirds flock to Tampa, Florida for the warm weather and Gulf Shore beaches. That’s good for a few hours, after which they start looking for a cool dark place with, perhaps, a seafood menu. People come to Tampa from all over the country and from all over the world to spend money. In 2016, visitors left six billion dollars behind creating a significant boost to the Tampa economy. The hotels, restaurants, Busch Gardens, waterparks, historic district, nightlife, water sports and fishing set in a hot easy going environment draws people in. Visitors are landing in Tampa with credit cards in their pockets. They are relaxed and in a good mood. They expect to spend money. And because they’re using credit cards, studies show that they will likely spend a more than if they used cash. All up and down the beach, merchants accept credit cards. That makes it easy for the visitors to Tampa to buy what they want without the hassles and dangers of carrying cash.  

What Makes Credit Card Processing Easy in Tampa?

When you were a kid and your family went on vacation, did your dad hide cash money in his shoe? Did Mom have travelers checks in her purse? Both of them also had cash in their wallets. The theory was that if anyone stole the money from either of them they would have enough hidden away to get through their trip and get home. Their only guarantee was the travelers checks, because if were stolen the bank would replace them. That’s how it was before credit cards. Merchants in Tampa make it easier and safer for their visiting customers, because they chose the easy solution of credit card processing.

  • They don’t have to carry cash which can get lost or stolen–or might even be a different country’s currency.
  • If their credit card is lost or stolen they get a replacement from their 24 hour card customer service. They don’t have to wait until the banks open on Monday for service.
  • Their money is safe because they are not liable for fraudulent charges.
  •  They always have enough on hand, and even have exact change because you accept their credit card for payment.

Any Tampa merchant that doesn’t accept credit cards is not in the game and their fair share of the 6 billion will go to a business owner that does.  

Credit Card Processing is Easy in Tampa for Local Merchants and Global Travelers

International tourists don’t have to concern themselves overly much with exchange rates and changing a lot of their own money into dollars. Credit cards are accepted most anywhere in Tampa. Rent a sailboat or go deep sea fishing. Buy the triple kites from the guy on the beach and learn to fly them. Pick up a souvenir t shirt from the open stall and a plastic orange filled with orange juice to drink with a green straw. Tampa entrepreneurs don’t have to be tethered to a cash register to do business with the tourists. Their merchant service offers wireless digital card readers ot plug-ins for their smartphones or tablets. Credit card processing takes place with bare feet firmly planted in the sand anywhere along the vast stretch of beach.

For more information about the ease of credit card processing in Tampa, or to sign up for a merchant account, please call (888) 924-2743 or go to

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