Credit Card Processing for your Yoga Studio

You and your yoga studio are completely focused on the transmission of a spiritual and physical discipline. But an important aspect of running this business is your financial discipline and well-being. Collecting and processing payments from members is what provides you with the funds to keep the enterprise running, add more facilities, organize events, maintain the premises, and pay your staff. In addition to from the fees paid by the members, you may also have a shop on the premises that sells merchandise, such as yoga mats, clothing, food, beverages, books, and recordings. Your yoga studio may offer training classes, advanced courses, special programs to treat certain conditions, workshops or other events.

Gone are the days when most customers were willing to pay for these facilities by cash or check. Today, most customers of yoga studios and fitness centers prefer to make payments by credit or debit cards.

There are many reasons why this payment method is so popular for merchants across a wide range of businesses:

Keeps control of your cash flow: Automating your collections, billing and payment processes allows you to streamline and control your cash flow. Collecting money via cash or check may not be viable as your business expands. Credit cards are easy, convenient and efficient payment options that almost everyone uses nowadays. So no more delayed or irregular payments from members who forget to carry cash or promise they’ll make an payment soon.

Easy POS system: When you have various types of payments, with different points of sale (POS) it’s easier for your members to swipe a card rather than sign checks or pay in cash.

Faster and more efficient: Credit card payments are quick, hassle-free. They give your yoga studio a stress-free, modern, and professional touch. Credit cards are easier to carry and more secure.

System integration: Credit card payment processing systems can be tied up to and integrated with other software systems like accounting and book-keeping, budgeting, and planning.

Saves time and eliminates chances of lost revenue: All it takes is a few seconds to make the payment by credit or debit card. It saves time, especially in yoga studios and fitness centers, when people are usually in a hurry to get to work or back home. With your customers’ permission, you can also set up automatic billing that will charge your customers at regular intervals without you or them having to lift a finger. This helps to avoid chances of lost revenue, providing more peace of mind and harmony!

Flexibility: You can collect payment for different types of yoga packages from members. Some of them may want to pay as they go, while others prefer a longer training and practice period. You can provide these options and collect the payment for them more smoothly and accurately via credit or debit cards.

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