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Credit Card Processing for Your Takeout Restaurant

Your fast food or take out restaurant will deliver better service with credit card processing. The more payment options you make available to your customers the better served they are. Most people don’t carry more than $20 cash at any given time so if you don’t accept credit cards, you’d probably better make a big sign indicating that. Otherwise, those who dine in and those who arrive for a takeout order are going to be left stranded with no way to pay. Your employees are going to need a procedure to handle customers who can’t pay for their food because they don’t have enough cash because they assumed they would use their credit card.  At best, these would-be customers will have to walk away disappointed and maybe a little angry. Certainly, they’re left with a memory of their bad experience at your restaurant. That’s not good for business. You get stuck with unsold food orders because you’re out of the loop.

Patrons Expect Better Service through Credit Card Processing at Take Out Restaurants

Have you had the experience, as a patron, of arriving at a Chinese or pizza restaurant to pick up your food order only to find they won’t accept your credit card? You called the order in so you didn’t see the big “Cash Only” sign over the cash register. If you had people waiting at home for the food you may have gone to the nearest ATM to withdraw cash and then returned for your food order. Are you as likely to order from that restaurant again? Really, you only need to put yourself in your customer’s shoes to understand their frustration. As the restaurant owner, you may feel you can offer your customers lower prices by not accepting credit cards. But shop for the lowest credit card processing fee, and that won’t be an issue, when you consider all the lost business you are on the hook for because you don’t take credit cards now. When you consider this increased volume of business, you’ll realize that you’ve been spending stepping over dollars to pick up pennies.

You Can Deliver Better Service with Credit Card Processing

Take out customers have placed an order from their cell phone. When they arrive to pick up their food order, they are going to walk in with their credit card in hand. The customer wants to grab the food bag in one hand, shove the credit card and receipt into a pocket with the other, and quickly head back to his or her car. Sometimes, they even leave the car running!
They’re in a hurry. That’s why they ordered take-out. You already know your take-out customers, so you know that if this customer has to get out of line, visit the ATM, and then stand at the register while you call for singles so you can make change, he or she is not going to be pleased. And if that DOESN’T sound like your typical customer, then there’s a high probability that the reason is because customers in a hurry are going to one of your competitors instead, because that competitor takes credit cards.

You probably pride yourself in providing good service to your customers.
Don’t you think if you offered credit card processing, you would be delivering better service?

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